Hats Off to You

{my storage solution}

I had yet another dilemma the other day… as we are still living from boxes and are nowhere near our vision of ‘custom made storage’.  I was getting fed up of having to rifle through every box to find a particular belt or scarf or hat.

“Enough’s enough,” I said to myself one day and went round the house removing all the old, white, plastic screw in hooks that the previous owner had left dotted about.  I decided which room, currently under repair, would be my makeshift dressing room and I set about screwing the hooks into the wall {they don’t do too much damage and the holes can easily be refilled}.

In addition to one of our favourite paintings, I also hung up my very random selection of winter hats {in readiness for cold winter crispiness} and my various belts, oh and a full length mirror… I got a little carried away!!!

I would love to hear about anyone else’s accidental or planned quick-fix storage solutions!

Oh, and I have been so busy over the weekend planting my new hedge… I will tell you about it in the next couple of days!  It’s all too exciting!


  1. Love your hat storage. When we first bought our house there were a couple of unconneced light fittings sticking out of the wall without shades on. I covered them in straw hats and added a few more along the wall. It was just a temporary measure to make it look tidier. That was ten years ago and they are still there!lol! I am a basket fan where storage is concerned.
    Regards Florence x

    • TheDorsetFinca says:

      I have a few of those light fittings – I might tray your straw hat idea, if I may!? My next acquisition (I know I’m dreaming, as they’re quite expensive) is a basket trunk as a coffee table, so that I can store all of our bits in there as well as it looking cosy by the fire!

  2. How about several coat hooks screwed in randomly above each other with all the hats?!

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