Jazzing Up the Printer Table

{necklaces in a blue and white china saucer}

We have had the dilemma this week of where to put the printer…

Yes, it is sleek and black and does all the whizzy things it’s meant to but… it’s still not pretty or glamorous!

In the end, I decided that it could go on a sweet little walnut table that we have in the hallway.  In order to make it blend in with the rest of the house, I have also put some black and white framed photos next to it.

The other thing that really cheered me up was finding an old blue and white china saucer, which I filled with an odd assortment of necklaces.  This was the bit that I felt jazzed up the the table the most.

Say no, to dreary printer tables! x


  1. Love this idea. Something so simple yet so effective.
    Regards Florence.

  2. It´s true – ugly technology needs a little glamour! Very pretty beads.

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