A Rather German Tradition – and it’s rather nice too!

{kindling wood and salt}

When we first moved into the Finca, we were presented with a bundle of kindling wood and some salt by my Aunt and Uncle.  After looking really grateful, if a bit bemused, they explained the significance of the gift.

In Germany it is tradition, when someone moves into a new home, to give them a present of kindling {to start your home fire with} and salt {in order to salt your fish for dinner}.

I think it is such a lovely thing to do and we are about to have our first fire in the Finca, using our little bundle of kindling.  I’m just a little sad that I have to dismantle the lovely looking gift, which is tied with a pretty raffia bow.

This is one tradition I will definitely continue with.  Does anyone else have any ‘new home’ traditions that I could adopt?


  1. That´s so lovely! When we built our house, we and the builders threw a few coins into the foundations to ensure that there is always something in the house to buy food to keep the hunger away – we took photos and everyone took it very seriously. It was a very special moment.

    • I love it! I’m definitely going to remember that one. I wonder what would happen if you really needed that money one day (as the tradition suggests) how would you ever get it back?!!!!!

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