Fred the Spider

{Fred – is he a 4-Spot Orb Weaver???}

Please meet Fred, the spider who lives on one of our downstairs windowpanes.  I have tried to use my classification key to find out what species he/she is and I am a bit stuck.  I’m much better at keying out beetles rather than spiders.

Fred caught 3 flies today and wrapped them up in little silk bundles, ready to tuck into later.  He seems to be doing a good job, so I’m not worried about his presence.  Except that he is REALLY big (which makes me think that Fred might be a girl and not a boy – female spiders are apparently larger than males, usually).

I’m off to continue with more polishing of floorboards now… hopefully I’ll be done by tomorrow and then I’m going to try taking part in a wordpress competition!!

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