Setting Plaster

{Plaster just beginning to dry}

Today our kitchen was plastered – yay! It reminded me of how much I love this slightly exotic and quite mediterranean-reminiscent colour.  If you want to re-create this effect through paint you can try:

  • Farrow and Ball’s No. 231 – Funnily enough called Setting Plaster, see it here.
  • Fired Earth’s No. 75 – Orchard Pink (from the Kevin McCloud range), here.
  • Fired Earth’s – Parlour Rose (from the National Trust range), here.
  • Dulux – Satin Bow, see it here.
Please bear in mind that I haven’t personally tried all of these colours and can by no means guarantee what they look like on the walls.  If you think you like a colour, either paint a little section on the wall, using a tester pot, or paint a square of hardboard, which you can then carry around in order to view it in different lights. 
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