Wood Chippings = Happy Chickens!

{a large pile of wood chippings}

Today I received my 1 cubic metre of wood chippings, which I thought sounded like quite a sensible amount, but ended up being a rather large amount! The reason for this large pile is that I am planning to redesign the chickens’ home.

Currently our garden is being dug over (tomorrow we are raking and rolling), so that we can seed it with lovely new grass.  This means though that the chickens have been temporarily evicted from their usual spot.

The grand plan, is to use old railway sleepers to create a border, with which we can then make a raised bed of chippings that the coop can sit on.  The hens’ large fencing can then go around this bed to give them access to the weeds and soil that may be left over from our digging.  This will hopefully reduce the amount of times that we have to move them onto new ground (currently we do this about once a week) and it will give the new grass time to grow.

I can’t wait to see Keith and Steve scratching away!


  1. Ooh they´ll love it. Ours often nest and lay eggs in our woodpile!

  2. I’ll have to keep an eye out for randomly laid eggs!

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