Door Mission – Part One

Most of the doors in our cottage are the original ones from 18… something and so we wanted to keep them (as our aim is to restore as much in the house as possible).  They have suffered over the years with countless coats of random coloured paint, dust and even being taken off and left in a shed to go dusty and… a little bit mouldy.

I’m attacking each door one by one.  We have a little electric sander which does most of the hard work for us and easily removed all of the paint layers until we were starting to see just a little bit of bare wood peeking at us.

I had to use some really horrible liquid to help to soften the paint on the hinges and locking mechanism.  Although it did make scraping and wire brushing much easier after this stuff had been on for half an hour.  Look at the results…

– wow – brass embellishments! –

Today, I am going to paint the door with an undercoat.  I also found an original little hook on the back of the door, which I am going to keep and do something with later…


  1. […] I thought that I had better write first thing this morning as today is going to be busy.  I have fuelled myself with a lovely cup of tea and a couple of digestives before starting on the job list.  Hopefully by the end of today, the chickens will be nicely cleaned out and I will have painted the door that we sanded down last weekend, shown here. […]

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