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At the Dorset Finca, our aim is to guide you towards plant perfection! 
We believe that every plant should earn its place and provide maximum impact with minimal fuss.
Located in the depths of the Dorset countryside, we source and grow a variety of species that are suitable for different situations and environments.  We work with each of our individual clients to match them with plants that fit into their lifestyle, always considering style, care demands and light requirements so that hassle is eliminated and you are able to sit back and bask in the leafy glory!
Please get in touch if you see something that you like, or if you would like something designed specially.
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The boring bit! We take every care to make sure that our plants are happy and healthy when they go to their new homes.
Unfortunately, plants can be fickle fellows and can sometimes perish without cause.  We are unable to replace or offer refunds, but we are always
on hand to give advice and a bit of plant TLC! 









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